“Must see” during the candeloras festivals

January 26th, Tuesday Villaggio di Sant’Agata 16:00 – Oficial presentation of the candelora in Villaggio Sant’Agata quarter Grocers 15:30 – Oficial presentation at the San Francesco church in Via Crociferi January 27th, Wednsday Fruitsellers 17:00 – Party at MAAS (Mercato Agro Alimentare Siciliano) January 28th, Thursday Fruitsellers During the morning, there will be a party

Do you know all the candeloras?

There are 12 candeloras in the procession during the Saint Agatha festival. 8 of them represent various city guilds, two of them are of quarters, one is of teh club of Saint Agatha and the smallest one was donated by Monsignor Ventimiglia and has his name. The order in which they walk in teh procession